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The Holy Quran commands all the Muslims to face the sacred house of ALLAH in Mecca while performing namaz that is an essential and basic tenet in Islam.

The historical view of the Islamic development of a sacred stone structure dates back to the fall of Hazrat Adam (AS) from Paradise (jannat) onto earth at Mecca. Angels covered this foundation with stones and Hazrat Adam (AS) went round the structure by following the example of the Angels. Therefore this reason stands that ALLAH designated and contemplated the Kaaba before its creation of the earth.

All the regions face the Kaaba and each region faces some particular parts of the Kaaba. Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) adopted the Kaaba as a physical focus in namaz or salah as well as for some other acts of worship such the ritual of slaughtering animals etc. Thus, all Muslims have been physically and spiritually oriented towards the Holy Kaaba and the Holy city of Mecca in their daily lives.

Circumambulation of The Kaaba, very well known as ‘Tawaf’ starts from the Hajar-e-Aswad (the Black Stone comes from heaven). The circumambulator, if possible for him or her, may kiss the Hajr-e-Aswad. The Holy Kaaba in Mecca is never free from circumambulators.
Islam is very well known by many other western thinkers as the ‘champion of all religions’ because our religion Islam promotes and focuses on respecting others. The aim of Muslims in this world should be to convey the glorious teachings of Islam with honour and love.
Suppose that if there was no one direction to face then every person would have faced all directions which may have caused disunity and dissent in the heart of the Muslims. Therefore it was necessary to provide and fix a common direction for all the Muslims throughout the world. The fact in facing toward the direction of the Holy Kaaba is the spirit of worship (Ibaadat), and serenity and contentment of the heart, it is the reason Muslims are instructed to focus their sight on the place of prostration in Namaz so that they will be able to concentrate with soul and heart entirely.

ALLAH alone is the only one who is Creator and the One Who is worshipped. The qibla was not oriented towards Mecca from the start.  The Muslims firstly prayed towards the Al-Aqsa Mosque located in Jerusalem. After Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his followers migrated from Mecca to the Madina, the qibla was changed to the Kaaba.  Islam is a religion of peace and unity. All Muslims are united by their belief in One ALLAH.  The qibla is not only about degrees of longitude or latitude but it is about unity.  It is about Muslims united in the worship of the One ALLAH and Sustainers and the Creator.

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